About This Site


This site is created and operated by Hamanako Institute Corporation as a part of the Hamamatsu Regional Resource Information Management Project financed by the City of Hamamatsu with the Hometown Employment Revitalization Special Grant.

This website aims to be the gateway for local resources in Hamamatsu. We share a wide-range of information regarding Hamamatsu's culture, nature, history, people, and etc.


The timelines are created based on "Hamamatsu-shi-shi" (History of Hamamatsu City) and city guide books published by cities and towns merge with Hamamatsu City in 2003.


The articles are created based on interviews and researches. We will keep exploring resources of Hamamatsu and regularly update the articles in the site. Misspellings or wrong data will be corrected as soon as we find them.

Feature Articles

We will share personal essays, research reports, interviews, and many other special contents detailing Hamamatsu's resources as feature articles. Please note that we don't edit or revise an essay without its author's content.

Multimedia Contents

Pictures and movies in "Multimedia" category are free to use with credit to this website. However, please note that pictures and movies in article pages are not free.

We Awaits Your Ideas

This site is written in honor of lovers of Hamamatsu. We are writing articles based off your needs, so please give us some ideas for topics.

Supervising Committee

We take advises and ideas from the supervising committee of the project to create this site and its contents.

Members of the Committee
Chairman Sasaki Shuki Professor Emeritus at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Vice-chairman of Editorial and Writing Board of "History of Hamamatsu City"
Member Suzuki Masayuki Member of the Editorial and Writing Board of "History of Hamamatsu City"
Former Hamamatsu Chuo Library Inspector
Member Suda Etsuo Professor Emeritus at University of Shizuoka
Former Professor at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Secretariat of the Committee (Hamanako Institute Corporation)
Chief Tomita Shinji Contract Research Scholar at the Art and Culture Research Center in Shizuoka University of Art and Culture.


Last Updated: March 27, 2011